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Ever since I was a child old enough to understand what “strange” meant, I have been fascinated with anything mysterious in nature. I gravitated toward books about such things as ghosts, ESP, vampires, and mysteries of all kinds. Anything that was shrouded in mystery instantly had my attention. Accounts of seeing ghosts, being able to read the minds of others, contacting the Other Side through a Ouija Board, predicting the future with a crystal ball or the Tarot, reading palms, and the vanishing of people never to be seen again all held me spellbound. At one point, I was even so interested in UFOs that I had an actual scrapbook filled with articles about alien ship sightings and abductions.

The difference between my childhood pursuits and those of most people is that mine carried over well into my adult life. In fact, today I am a Tarot Reader myself as well as a spell caster and dream interpreter. My belief system is a bit different than others, too. I subscribe to a higher power that I call The Universe and believe that energy can be manipulated in ways that will assist us in a positive manner. On the other hand, I also believe that this energy is the explanation for many ghosts sightings and experiences; not all of them, of course, but many.

Experiences as a Child

My very first experience with Tarot readings came about when I was still quite young. It occurred during a school carnival event. The mother of one of my friends was dressed up like a fortune teller complete with jewelry and a turban. She sat at a table behind some curtains and read from Tarot cards. I am pretty sure that she was not doing “real” readings because there were some parents that would not have been thrilled with that notion, but the experience was still rather exciting. The line waiting to see her was extremely long so there must have been some interest in her event.

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At some point, I started to realize that I had actually had some developing abilities of my own. This realization came slowly as I was still young and I was only responding to one situation at a time.

TreehouseOne of these situations occurred when I was about 14 years old. I used to love walking and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. On this particular late afternoon, I walked along a back road that was not traveled often, which was why it was a favorite place of mine. There was a small area of woods along one side of the road and some neighborhood friends had built a small treehouse in one of the trees. I had been to this treehouse a few times but had never made the short climb to reach it. Instead, I would stand beneath it and talk to whichever friends were in the treehouse.

This evening, however, there was only person in the treehouse. He was the brother of one of my best friends and was quite attractive. It was always flattering when he paid any attention to me, which he did nearly every time we happened to be around each other. He was older and practically engaged to his very beautiful girlfriend so I had no illusions where he was concerned.

Today, as I walked past the section of woods where the treehouse was located, he called out to me. Stopping, I peered into the opening of the woods and saw him waving to me from the treehouse. I smiled and waved back to him.

“What are you up to?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m just out for a walk before dinner,” I replied.

“Do you want to come up for a few minutes?” he asked.

“I’m not sure I’ve got time,” I said. “My parents will be waiting for me to come home.”

“Oh, you can come up for just a little bit,” he insisted. “Here, I’ll help you climb up.”

It was then that he stretched his hand down for me to take. The short ladder to reach the treehouse consisted of sturdy boards nailed to the trunk of the tree. All I had to do was to take his hand and start the climb. It would only take a minute, if that, before I was in the treehouse. Yet, as I stared at his hand, I froze. Something was telling me that I should not go up into that treehouse with him.

Starting to back away slowly, I shook my head.

“No. I can’t be late for dinner,” I lied.

“You won’t be late,” he said, again with that brilliant smile of his. “Come on. You’ve never even been up here, have you?”

He continued to hold his hand down toward me. I was terrified and I had no idea why. I mean, I knew this guy! I had actually known him for several years and had never reacted to him this way. However, in that one moment, I knew that if I climbed into that treehouse with him, that something terrible would happen to me. There were no voices in my head speaking to me or anything like that. It was simply a certainty that I should not go up into that treehouse.

Later, I would learn all about intuition and how all of that works, and would understand that it was intuition that was guiding me that day. I was still young and did not question this feeling. Instead, I simply kept backing up until I was safely on the road once more and out of reach of his beckoning hand. I managed to say goodbye in what I hoped was a normal manner and hurried away even as he still called out to me.

Years later, I heard about a couple of young girls who had disappeared during that summer. They were never found and the very young man that had tried to entice me into the treehouse was questioned.

Would I have disappeared if I had climbed up into the treehouse with him that evening? I will never know the answer to that for sure. However, I cannot help but believe that I was saved that day by something that only my subconscious perceived. Other events in my life only bolstered that belief.

The Ouija Board

Ouija BoardIn my late teens, my next door neighbor had somehow acquired a Ouija Board. We were both rather fascinated by it and by the fact that it was supposed to allow us to communicate with departed spirits. That part, alone, was enough to convince me to go along with giving it a try.

We sat a day and time for our undertaking. I could not wait to get started! When I arrived at her house, we went directly into her room where she had the Ouija Board all set up on her bed. Excitedly, we sat down and placed the Board between us. She explained to me how it all worked and then we sat cross legged on either side of it with the tips of our fingers placed lightly on the planchette. Giggling, we discussed what to say.

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In retrospect, I realize that this experiment was most likely not a real one because of the silly questions that we asked. All I can say is that I did not move the planchette but I cannot be certain that my friend did not. At any rate, it was fun and we repeated the experience many times during the next few years.

My next venture into the realm of the Ouija Board occurred after high school with a group of friends. I had remembered how much fun it had been to play with this device and decided to haul it out at a small party I was hosting one night. Placing it on the coffee table, we all sat down on the floor surrounding the table. After choosing a partner to help me with the planchette, we began to ask questions.

“Are there any spirits here that would like to speak with us tonight?” I asked.

Lame, I know, but I just could not think of anything else to say.

We waited to see what would happen. When nothing did, I repeated the question.

“Are there any spirits here that would like to speak with us tonight? Just let us know if you are here.”

My friend, Mimi, was sitting across from me with her fingers placed lightly on the planchette and was peering intently at the Board. Suddenly, the planchette started to vibrate underneath our fingers. We all looked at it and then at each other.

“Keep your fingers on it, Mimi,” I whispered.

The next thing we knew the planchette started to fly across the board landing briefly on letters. It was moving so fast that David, our designated note taker, was having a hard time keeping up with what was being spelled out for us.

“Ok, please slow down a little,” I addressed our visitor. “Let’s start again. What is your name?”

The planchette spelled Q-U-A-M-A-R-A.

We were all a little dumbfounded at that but were excited to pursue whatever was going on.

“We are happy to meet you, Quamara,” I said with a confidence that I really did not feel. “Have you crossed over from our world?”

The planchette swerved over to land on YES.

“How old were you when you crossed over?” I asked.

Again, the planchette moved effortlessly under our fingers and landed on 1 and then 3.

“You were 13 years old?”


All of us were completely enthralled with this turn of events.

“How did you die?”

The planchette flew across the Board once more spelling out M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D.

“Someone killed you?” I exclaimed. “How awful! Do you know who it was?”


“What was the murderer’s name?”


“How did you die?” I asked again.


“You drowned?”


“That is so horrible,” I exclaimed.

Everyone else had expressions of amazement, confusion, disbelief, and terror. None of us had ever really experienced anything quite like this in the past. There was a reason we all felt rather conflicted.

Suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, the Ouija Board flew off of the table and sailed across the room, crashing into the wall! There was no small amount of screaming and scrambling to get out of the way among us. I took this as a sign that our conversation with Quamara was over.

After we had recovered somewhat from this rather unsettling evening, we looked over David’s notes and decided that we would do some research on whether or not there had ever been a girl named Quamara who had drowned under suspicious circumstances many years ago in the area. The Internet yielded enough information to convince us that we had been speaking to the spirit of a real person who had once lived.

The odd thing is that there was no mention of her having been drowned. What we found was that a 13 year old girl named Quamara who had gone missing around the turn of the 20th century. She was discovered at the water’s edge on the beach. It was believed that she had somehow wandered out too far into the ocean and the tide had swept her back on shore once she had given herself over to the water.

That very sobering experience was more than enough for us when it came to playing with the Ouija Board. I was not too keen on pulling it out again for any more impromptu séances. It did serve to bolster my belief in the supernatural, however.


Eventually, it became clear to me that I had important dreams. This was not something that I understood about myself immediately, but there were signs if I had known what to look for, which I really did not. You see, dreams are rather mystical, in a way. They can tell you all sorts of rather important information if you only know the right way to interpret them. My problem was that I never knew that my dreams were trying to tell me something until after the fact.

Wedding in Front of AltarThere was one particular summer when I realized that anytime I had what was to be termed as a “wedding dream,” someone I knew died. Usually, they died when I had the dream and I only heard of their death later. In these dreams, I am attending a wedding of someone that I either know or am related to.

The couple is standing at the altar with their backs to the guests, which is why I never see the faces of the couple. The bride wears a white gown with a veil and the groom wears a suit of some sort. I only get a slight hint of who the happy couple is by the people that appear in the church pews. They are relatives and friends of people that I know and I choose which side of the church I am going to sit.

As you can tell, the dream is very happy and light. There is nothing scary about it; at least until the next day when I find out that someone related in some way to the group of people that I sat with in the church has died. Sometimes, it is a death that is more or less expected but, other times, it is something completely shocking and no one saw it coming.

The summer I mentioned previously, I experienced three of those “wedding dreams,” and three people that I knew died. Two of them were elderly relatives and one had been a close friend in school. She had died in London, but I never could get all of the details of her death. What was certain, however, is that her death was not expected by anyone.

I learned to pay attention to those dreams and try to remember any details that might help me identify who is about to leave this earth. I’m not sure that there will ever be anytime that I can prevent the death, but at least I will be prepared for it. Even though these dreams do not bother me while I am sleeping and in the middle of them, as soon as I wake up, I instantly feel the bottom of my stomach drop.

Another dream symbol that seems to mean something to me is the color red. This red is a deep, sort of blood red and, when someone appears in my dreams dressed in this color, I know that something bad has either happened to them or is about to happen.

For instance, a good friend of mine had married and moved to another country. I dreamed of her wearing red and she was getting ready to board a train for somewhere. The next day, her mother telephoned me to tell me that my friend would be moving back to stay with her parents for a bit. It turned out that her husband was horribly abusive and had beaten her up for the last time. My friend had boarded a train that morning to begin her journey back home.

Ghosts and Cemeteries

As time went on, I learned to accept those things as just normal events in my life. It rarely occurred to me that they might not happen to everyone. That is, until my first experience of seeing a ghost. I have always felt rather at home, or at peace, in cemeteries. They have never frightened me and I used go strolling through them on occasion just to read the gravestones.

Tombstone Teddy BearOn this particular day, I was 17 years old and with a couple of my best friends. We had decided to visit a cemetery just for the fun of it and because we were a little bored that afternoon. There were lots of old gravestones in this cemetery and we found them to be quite fascinating. It was a game to us to find dates that were connected to us in some way. For instance, we might find that one of us shared a birth date with one of the deceased or the birth date would match the date of death. As silly as it may sound, we found it rather entertaining at the time.

We had stopped momentarily to examine a particular gravestone more closely when I saw him. He was standing some distance away just beside a gravestone. I could see even from where I was standing that he was very pale. He was dressed in a suit and tie. His hair was quite black but in a rather short, ruffled style. It looked as if his eyes were dark and he had full lips. We locked eyes. I was not afraid of him because I thought that he may be someone that worked with one of the funeral homes and he did not seem threatening in any way.

I turned to my friends for a second.

“Don’t look now,” I said in a low voice. “But that man over there is watching us.”

Of course they instantly turned around and looked to see who this man was. Really, what is the point of ever saying “Don’t look now?” That just always makes people look immediately at what they have been asked not to. At any rate, they looked and then turned back to me.

“What man?” they asked.

“The one standing right over there by that tomb,” I said.

Then I looked as well. He was no longer there.

“Wait a minute! He was standing right there!” I insisted. “He had on a suit and tie and his hand was resting on that gravestone right over from the tomb!”

Incensed, I took off and sprinted among the graves until I reached where the man had been standing. Nothing indicated that he had ever been there. I gave a thorough searching of the immediate area only to find absolutely no trace of the man. I had not given any thought as to what I would say to him if I did find him but, at that moment, the most important thing to me was proving that he had actually been standing there and watching us. However, he was nowhere in sight and there was no place that he could have easily and quickly hidden.

It was only later that I realized he had been barefoot. Now, what normal person wears a suit and tie in a graveyard while not bothering to put on any socks or shoes?

I wrote down the name that appeared on the gravestone and spent some time looking up his obituary. Luck was with me in one of them as it was accompanied by a photograph of the deceased young man. I looked at the photo closely, but I did not really need to look that closely.

It was the man that I had seen watching us in the cemetery, without a doubt.

Even though I could not convince my friends that I was telling the truth about having seen him, I knew what I had witnessed. I am not certain why he had chosen to show himself to me or whether it had all just been a crazy coincidence. What I did know is that I had seen this young man standing by his grave.

Investigating Psychic Readers

It is clear by this time that there are some other worldly things going on in my life; things that I was slowly but surely coming to terms with on my own. Naturally, all of this was only intensifying my interest in things of the occult. I read everything I could get my hands on about such things as ghosts, interpreting Tarot cards, reading palms, interpreting dreams, and anything else that seemed to fit in with what I had been experiencing.

You would think that, with all of these things going on in my life, I would have sought the advice of a professional reader earlier. However, it was only when I had reached my early 20s that I decided to visit my first reader. This woman was recommended to me by the mother of my boyfriend at the time. In fact, she visited this reader on a regular basis and swore by her abilities. She even set up the appointment for me without giving the reader any details about me. I was so skeptical that I left my purse locked in the trunk of the car and did not take in any identification with me.

I wanted to be sure that this woman was the real thing and the only way that I could insure that is if there was no way that she could know anything about me. I was taking no chances. By the time I left the reading, I had an entirely different outlook on things of the occult.

To begin with, the woman was not anything particularly special in appearance. She looked like any other woman you might pass in the grocery store. Her hair was dark and medium length. She had dark eyes and wore little to no makeup. Her size and shape were average and she was not weighted down in jewelry.

She invited me to sit at the table in her small kitchen while she boiled water for tea. We chatted idly as she got down a mug from the cabinets and spooned loose tea into the bottom of it. After pouring hot water into the mug, she added a bit of honey and handed it to me to stir. I sipped it carefully because it was so hot.

As I sipped the tea, she explained to me exactly how she conducted her readings. On the table in front of me, she had placed a deck of Tarot cards, but we did not begin there. Instead, she took my hand and began to read my palm. The information that she told me from those lines in my hand were very detailed in past, present and future. As the details in the past and the present were all very accurate, I felt that there was a much better chance of future events also being accurate.

Those details were rather personal in nature and I am not going into them in such a public way, but suffice it to say that I was stunned. The next thing she did was to read the Tarot cards. I have since learned that this is a process unique to each reader. She shuffled the cards and then handed them to me. I was instructed to lay them out face down like a fan and draw cards to hand to her. She took each one and turned them into a spread.

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Using these cards, she told me quite a lot about my life and where it was heading at that moment in time. She did say something that has always remained with me. She said that it was important to remember that the future is not set in stone and that if I did not like the direction that it was heading, I had to only change one small thing in the present to change the future. This is advice that I offer to all of my clients, too. I feel that it is excellent advice to remember.

Once we had finished with the card reading, she asked for my tea mug. I had finished drinking it by now and she studied the tea leaves in the bottom of the mug. Then she told me a few things that these leaves showed her. Oddly enough, they were such mundane things as that the home I lived in had a problem with the back door not closing properly; that there was a problem underneath our driveway and that I had just purchased a new car. She even told me what kind of car it was and described it right down to the small scratch that I had obtained while shopping. All of those things were 100 percent true.

I was astounded!

I know that I am starting to sound a lot like those television commercials for telephone psychics, but I cannot say enough about this woman’s abilities! Now, admittedly, there were a few things she said that did not actually ever happen, but I still believe that my money was well-spent on this reading. Not to mention that her asking price for a reading was very affordable. She spent a little more than an hour with me and never once checked the time or told me that our time was finished.

Over the next couple of years, I returned to this woman a few more times for readings and each one was just as amazing and accurate as the first one. She basically sold me on the legitimacy of psychic readers. I decided to try out a few more readers to see how they compared to this woman and, I have to say, that none of them even came close to her accuracy.

I visited a palm reader who did readings out of her home. She conducted my reading in between cooking dinner for her family. I found that to be a rather rude and unprofessional manner to treat a client, but it did not really matter in the end. Her reading was terrible. Nothing she said was true about me and my life. I left feeling robbed and wondering how this woman was still in business.

Another reader I visited was quite good. He relied on the Tarot to do readings but he also was an astrologer. These two things combined to make for a very interesting and informative type of reading. With sufficient notice, he would have an astrology chart and report completed in time for the appointment. Then he spent time explaining what various things meant and answering my questions. His Tarot reading was highly accurate and I was able to confirm things that he told me.

One reader that I spoke with by phone seemed to try to find out what I wanted the answers to be so that he could tell me exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, I ask you; how helpful is that? On the other hand, it made me aware that were readers in the world that operated that way. Most likely, he had a long client list with that manner of doing things but simply telling someone what they want to hear is not going to help them.

What I Learned

In my own readings, I refuse to be bullied into saying what a client wants to hear. It is not right to ever lie to a client. Needless to say, there have been some rather difficult readings in my time as a reader due to this belief. I have been screamed at, cursed, insulted, and anything else that you can imagine by clients that I did not see what they wanted me to see.

The problem with telling people only what they want to hear as opposed to what is actually turning up for them is that they are going to expect this good news to come to pass. When it does not, they are going to return to the reader that promised them all of these wonderful things. So, for example, when the loves of their lives do not come racing back on bended knee begging for another chance but, instead, begins dating someone else, the reader is going to be blamed.

That happens for a variety of reasons ranging from the fact that the client simply has to have someone to place blame on because they are incapable of accepting the truth of the situation all the way to being mentally ill. I cannot tell you the number of obsessed clients that I have read for in the past. These are the ones that drive by the object of their obsession’s home at all hours of the day and night just to see if there is a different car in the driveway. Stalkers are pretty prevalent in the world of psychics and readers.

Then there are the other types of clients that insist that you have a gift from above that should be shared freely with all that want to take advantage of that gift. In other words, they want me to share my time and energy with them anytime they ask without rewarding me monetarily. The thing is that gifts come to people in all sorts of ways. Artists would not be expected to give away their art, now would they? What about musicians? They do not give away their talent. The list could go on.

The point is that people choosing to visit a reader of some kind usually need guidance in their lives. Psychics are there to offer whatever guidance they can. This means that they are honor bound to be truthful with their clients as well as within their rights to charge for their time. A lot of energy goes into a reading. I always notice some tiredness following a particularly intense reading. There should be some compensation for that as well as the time spent giving a reading.

When I started to visit psychics, I was very respectful of the fact that they were offering me their gift and their time. I was more than happy to pay for this privilege. Obviously, in the instances where I felt the reader was not genuine, I left feeling a bit robbed. However, when I did find those psychics that were real and provided me with some very useful insight, I often left the charged rate as well as a tip.

Over time, I have developed a sort of “instinct” when it comes to knowing whether a psychic is real or not prior to having a reading done. There are some very telling ways to figure this out before you ever contact someone. One of them is the cost. In fact, that is what many people put at the top of their list because, for many, the cost needs to be affordable.

Granted, if you are trying to get an appointment with someone like John Edward, Allison Dubois, Nancy Meyer, and many of the other well-known celebrity psychics; chances are that you will need to save up your money. An hour with one of these psychics can cost as much as $800. These days, that is a lot of money for the majority of the population to come up with for visiting a psychic. So if you see that a psychic you are interested in meeting with charges an outrageous sum, yet you have never heard of this person until now; it may be that they are running some sort of scam.

Be very careful of psychics that offer to do spell work for you for an exorbitant fee in addition to the reading fee you have already paid. Spell work is another area altogether and there are rules to follow with it. Are there people with the ability to perform successful spells for others? Absolutely. The problem comes in when there are continuous costs tacked on top of others in the course of the reading. These “psychics” are more sales people than psychics.

In fact, many of them have done nothing more than purchased some books and learned how to do various things. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, but the person must truly be in touch with their abilities in order to pull off a successful spell. Doing a spell for someone else is really delicate and needs to be performed under very particular circumstances.

A client of mine had seen several psychics and readers before she found me. By the time she made an appointment with me, she was depressed, defeated, and nearly broke financially. After meeting with her the first time, I got the full story of what she had gone through in trying to get help in resolving an issue. There was a particular online psychic that she had spoken with and, apparently, this woman had given her some very accurate information. So my client was hooked.

The problem was that the psychic started to contact her independently and tell her that she had received new information that she must pass on to the client. Of course, this passing on of information was not going to be done at no cost to the client. That led into other things such as the need for spells to be performed at astronomical prices. Before my client realized what was going on, she had been effectively fleeced for over $10,000. It was shameful and made me embarrassed for the psychic profession.

At any rate, I did manage to help her regain her balance and start on the right path once more. If I did happen to get any independent information that seemed meant for her, I emailed it to her at no charge. The way I see it, obviously, I was meant to deliver a message and I could not feel right about taking advantage of that. This woman is still my client today. You see, psychics do not have to be dishonest in order to make a living although that is, sadly, the path that many of them take. I prefer to be able to sleep at night.

I would have to say that my overall experiences with psychics and readers have been positive ones. It is my advice to those people that may be looking for an accurate and honest psychic or reader to go with your intuition. If someone has given you a great reading for an affordable cost; that may be someone you will want to continue seeing in the future. On the other hand, if you have received a reading from someone who charged you a week’s salary and did not offer anything useful or even correct; why waste your time?

Keep in mind that there are some very notable differences between psychics and readers. A psychic may very well be receiving messages from the dead or from Angels. They may also have some sort of connection to another world that only they can hear. It does not really matter how they receive their information. The important part is that it is correct. A reader interprets things such as Tarot cards, Runes, or even the I-Ching. You do not have to be psychic to interpret these, although many psychics use them as tools.

In addition, there are many types of readers and psychics. For instance, if you are seeking to speak someone who has crossed over, you will want to look specifically for a medium. If you want some guidance in your life, a reader will work just fine. It really depends on the sort of question you need to be answered as to what sort of ability you are seeking. You cannot hold the psychic or reader responsible if you have chosen someone who does not do what you need. It is not their fault.

Even though I am a professional Tarot reader myself, I still seek the guidance of other readers and psychics on occasion. They have helped me immeasurably throughout my adult life thus far and I consider myself lucky to have had these experiences. I feel that, in many ways, they have helped me to shape the path I am currently on in my life.

There may have been a few times that I got stuck with a lemon, so to speak, but when you think about it; most people have to kiss a few frogs before finding their prince or princess. As a huge believer in destiny, I feel that each experience was meant to happen for me and I walked away from it having learned something very important. It may have even been a small thing but, in the end, it proved to be something that I needed to know for whatever reason.

True psychics have been placed on this earth for the express reason of helping others. When you look at it that way; you cannot go wrong no matter what direction you take to find your perfect psychic.

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Isabelle Zammit

Isabelle Zammit

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found a way to combine my love of writing with my avid interest in all things of the occult. I have been a professional Tarot reader as well as a professional writer for several years. It is my mission to help people to open their minds enough to consider the possibility that there are now, and always will be, things that are not readily comprehended.
Isabelle Zammit

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