Love tarot card reading – tips to get the best reading possible

One of the most popular subjects for a tarot reading is love and romance. A love tarot card reading can tell you whether you’re going to meet the love of your life, whether your current relationship is going to stay the distance or whether your partner is being faithful to you. However, you want to be sure that the advice that you get from your psychic is accurate, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart, so here’s a few tips to make sure you get the very best out of your psychic.

Free love tarot card reading

You can get some excellent advice without paying a  penny from sites such as A free love tarot reading can give you immediate insight into what’s going on with your love life and serve as the basis for a more in depth reading should you feel you need more information.

Although a free reading is usually limited to basic information, sometimes all you need is a little reassurance, so it is ideal when all you want to know is whether your relationship has a future or if the person you’re attracted to feels the same way.

Are online love tarot card readings accurate?

One of the beauties of tarot cards is that they’re universal. You do not have to be in front of a psychic to be able to benefit from their wisdom.

Whether you select cards using an automated website or you go to a live psychic (from a site like or, you can have confidence in knowing that whichever cards are picked, they will contain the message that you need to know right now.

From a simple, single card, yes/no answer through to a full spread, such as the Celtic cross, the cards that appear in your reading give you the reassurance of knowing that what they are telling you is what you need to hear, good or bad. What’s more, a free love tarot reading online is just as accurate as one you’ve paid for, so you really don’t need to worry about getting value for money.

Finding a good love tarot reader

Whether you’re looking a no cost reading or you’re willing to pay for a more involved session, you’ll want to make sure that your psychic is good at what they do. Personal recommendation is a great way to find a psychic, but if you don’t know anyone who consults a tarot reader or if you’re a little shy about letting your friends know you want to speak to a psychic, don’t worry.

Choosing a reputable site like Kasamba or PsychicSource (click here to get a free reading with PsychicSource) means that you can have the reassurance of knowing that all the psychics listed on the site have been vetted, so you can be sure that they’re the real deal. Not only that, but you can browse through their testimonials to make certain that the psychic you choose is the one that’s best for you.

It’s very important to find a psychic that you feel a connection with. A tarot reading is such a personal experience and a psychic that your friend raves about simply may not resonate with you. One of the benefits of using a website is that you can bookmark it, giving you easy access to your favourite psychic whenever you need.

When to have a reading about love

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, readings about love are a great tool for anyone who feels the need for advice and support about their love life. Friends and family aren’t always the best people to turn to when you’re having problems – they bring their personal opinions to your situation and can be biased, making it difficult to know whether you can trust their guidance.

In contrast, a tarot love spread comes with no emotional baggage or preconceptions. Your psychic wants to make sure you get the best advice possible and has no investment in the outcome of your situation, so you know you can depend on them for the truth.

When NOT to have a reading about love

StopWhen you’re right in the middle of a relationship crisis, emotions are running high. Although it can be tempting to turn to a psychic or go for a free tarot love reading online, now is not the time. When your emotions are strong, all your psychic will be able to pick up on is how you’re feeling and it’s impossible to see past that to get to the heart of the matter.

Much as it might feel like an eternity to wait, it is better to calm down for a few days before contacting a tarot reader. Once your emotions are under control, they will be able to get a better idea of what the situation is and offer you appropriate advice as a consequence.

Although it might feel urgent to have an answer to your relationship problems right now, you’ll find that if you just wait a day or two, the results will be well worth it.

What to expect from a reading

Each psychic has a different way of reading the cards, although there are some popular spreads that you’ll see time and again. Most love tarot readers combine their psychic intuition with what they see in the cards to give you deeper insight. This also means that you have an extra layer of reassurance that you’re receiving a genuine psychic message – everything they tell you is backed up by the cards you’ve selected.

What to expect?A tarot card spread is the way in which cards are laid out to give you the best answer to your question. Depending on what you need to know, your psychic will use different spreads. A simple yes/no question may only require a single card spread, while if you want details about the long term future of your relationship, your tarot reader will use a more complex spread, such as the ten card Celtic cross. Each card represents a different aspect of your situation, e.g. past, present and future, and together they give you a powerful message about your relationship.

Preparing for a love reading

Whether you’ve chosen to have a free reading online or you’re paying one of the professional psychics, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your reading. Preparation is key and the better prepared you are for your reading, the happier you’ll be with the result.

Make sure that you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed before your reading begins. One of the benefits of going through websites is that you can wear what you like and be in the reassuring environment of your own home or other familiar surroundings, which makes it much easier for your psychic to tune into your energy and situation.

Asking good questions

Ultimately, the information you receive is only as good as the questions you ask, so it’s a good idea to have your questions ready in advance so you can focus on the answers you receive rather than thinking about what you should ask.

It’s best to have broad, general questions to hand, such as “what will happen in my relationship over the next six months?” or “are we compatible in the long term?” These can act as a springboard for more precise questions later in the reading and you may well be surprised at just how much useful information you receive by starting with an overview of your current situation.

Asking highly specific questions, such as “when will we move in together?” may seem like a good idea, but keeping such a narrow focus can blind you to the information you really need to receive. You need to enter into your reading with an open mind and that means being open to all possibilities and hearing something you may not like. It might be difficult to hear that your relationship isn’t as strong as you thought, but knowledge is power and learning about the negatives can help you cope with them.

What are the limits to love tarot reading, both free and paid?

No psychic is 100% accurate all the time, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when going for your reading. As discussed, if you’re in a heightened emotional state, this will make it difficult for your psychic to see through your emotions to the heart of the matter, so try and wait until you’re feeling a little calmer before consulting a tarot reader.

One of the most difficult things to predict is timing, so if you want to know when your partner is going to propose, don’t be disappointed if your psychic can’t pinpoint this precisely. It’s better to ask “will my boy/girlfriend propose?” and be pleasantly surprised by when it actually happens than try to get an exact date and be disappointed when the day comes and goes without an engagement ring.

Expect the unexpected

You wouldn’t be consulting a tarot reader if you weren’t unsure about the future, so don’t go into your reading thinking that you know what you’re going to be told. A good psychic won’t hold back from telling you the truth, even if it’s not what you think you want to hear.

If you get bad news about your relationship, whether it is that your partner is being unfaithful or that your romance isn’t going to last, don’t panic. Your psychic is right there to give you advice on how to deal with the situation.

Maybe your partner has strayed, but is willing to work on your relationship and will be faithful in the future; perhaps this relationship might be near its end, but your true love is waiting just around the corner for you. No matter how bad things look, there’s always a positive and your tarot reader will be able to consult the cards and help you determine the best way forward so you can enjoy a happy love life.

What to do after your tarot love reading

Depending on what type of reading you’ve chosen, you’ll want to reflect upon what you’ve been told. You might find it useful to have a bath or long shower, taking time to yourself to process the information.

If you’ve been given a message that was hard to hear, don’t be tempted to consult a different psychic, asking the same questions. The more you repeat a question, the more the answer will simply turn into what you want to hear and although this might seem like an easy solution, you went to your tarot reader because you needed guidance on how to deal with your relationship. You cannot get useful advice if you don’t want to listen to the truth.

If you’ve prepared your questions in advance, you should be able to get all the information you need to make the right decisions to move forward and your reader should be happy to take as long as you need to go over everything you’ve asked in depth. Sometimes you can get the answer you need immediately with the turn of one card; on other occasions, you might need longer, but no matter how detailed the information you get, a tarot reading shouldn’t last more than about an hour.

Bear in mind that your psychic is giving you their energy, so be sure to thank them at the end of your session. Once you’ve seen how accurate your tarot reader has been, you’ll want to consult them again in the future, so it’s always a good idea to build up a positive rapport with them. Over time, you’ll find that your tarot reader is an invaluable adviser and your love life will benefit from having their guidance to hand.

Sorrell Cochrane

Sorrell Cochrane

Sorrell Cochrane has been reading tarot cards for almost 30 years and has written numerous articles on psychism and related subjects. Happily married, she enjoys exploring the countryside with her small dog and brood of children.
Sorrell Cochrane

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