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Before getting to who some of the most famous psychics are, it is important to understand the difference between a psychic and a medium. The reason for that is because many people on this list are psychics, mediums, and psychic mediums. You can see how easily this can get confusing.

The Difference between a Psychic and a Medium

The definition of a psychic is an individual with the ability to divine information that is beyond the normal five senses and gain insight into the past, present and future. This is also called the “sixth sense” or psychic ability. It is also called extra sensory perception or ESP.

Sixth SensePsychics have the ability to see, hear and feel that which is not seen by normal means. These abilities are clairvoyance or seeing, clairaudience or hearing and clairsentience, which is feeling or sensing. Whether they are famous psychics or not, they are best known for being able to predict the future.

The most well-known psychics rarely use psychic tools such as Tarot cards, pendulums or crystal balls. Genuine psychics are not carnival acts. They are gifted spiritual teachers and guides able to share insight into some of the most difficult challenges in life.

Mediums are spiritually gifted people who can communicate with spirit beings or entities. Some of them specialize in receiving messages from the spirits of loved ones that have crossed over. A session of this type can involve messages from the “other side” that is supported by evidence that confirms life after death. Mediums also convey messages from sources such as angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. This is known as “channeling.”

Psychic Mediums

It should be stated clearly that not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums possess psychic abilities. Mediums utilize the psychic senses such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and/or clairsentience to receive messages from the spiritual realm. A psychic medium has the ability to deliver messages from lost loved ones as well as offer future predictions and psychic guidance.

The Famous Psychics List

While there are numerous self-proclaimed psychics in the world, not all of them are famous. The ones that are famous, though, are names that may be very familiar to you. This can be rather valuable information when you are searching for a reliable psychic to read for you. Following is a list compiling the psychics that nearly everyone has at least heard of at one point in time. They are not listed in any particular order.

Psychic Twins Terry and Linda Jamison

Psychic Twins

Terry and Linda Jamison are rather unique in that they are psychic twins. Both of these women have abilities that have credited them with making some pretty monumental predictions. Their most famous prediction is probably the events of September 11, 2001, otherwise known as 9/11.

Nearly two years prior to 9/11, the twins predicted that planes would fly into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This prediction was made during an appearance on the Art Bell Radio Show where the twins could clearly be heard foretelling this event. Even though they have had quite a few accurate predictions, there are still many that feel these psychic twins are more performers than accurate psychics.

John Edward Psychic Medium

John Edward

Perhaps one of the most famous psychic mediums is John Edward. Born in Glen Cove, New York in 1969, his popularity catapulted when his show Crossing Over with John Edward aired on the SyFy Channel.

He was in front of a seated audience and simply let messages come through from those that had crossed to the other side.

His communication with the dead was typically quite thrilling and accurate. As with many psychics, John has a few people that are critical of his reading method, but it seems to work quite well for him the majority of the time. These days, John conducts private readings, group readings, and workshops for a fee.

Nancy Myer Psychic Medium

Nancy MyerOne of the most gifted psychics today is Nancy Myer, a highly accurate psychic who specializes in finding missing people. She has worked for years with police departments and has been instrumental in nearly 800 missing persons and murder cases currently.

The information that she provided was proven to be correct 90 percent of the time. She has appeared on several television shows as well as even having her own series briefly. Today, she provides awareness and advice to her clients through private consultations although she still agrees to help in various criminal cases.

Allison Dubois Famous Psychic Medium

Allison DuboisOne of the most famous mediums around is Allison Dubois. She is so well-known that the show Medium was based around her life both personally and professionally. Today, Allison travels worldwide for public and private readings, making her an international psychic medium.

She has also written books on the subject of life after death and her experiences with souls that have crossed over. Even though she is quite the celebrity these days, she has attracted quite a few critics who claim that she is not psychic at all.

On the other hand, her millions of fans would argue that fact to the death. These are the people that she has personally helped to reconnect to their loved ones that have crossed over. In spite of what some might say, Allison has done enough for her to make this list.

Robert E. Hansen Medium

Robert E. HansenRobert Hansen is not only a reputed psychic medium, but he is also a martial arts teacher. Even though his gift appeared to him later in life, he recalls that he was always intent on helping others. As a child, he was able to read how others felt. This was a gift that came to him following a spirit guide emerging in his daily life.

Not only did he study martial arts, but also mediation and Yoga. In addition, he has made four pilgrimages to Japan to learn the art of Zen. Robert Hansen uses his abilities as a psychic medium and intuitive counselor to help his clients achieve inner healing and peace. He has been tested by Dr. Gary Schwartz, a noted scientific researcher and approved as having abilities.

Lisa Williams Psychic

Lisa WilliamsA self-proclaimed psychic and healer, Lisa Williams has been the subject of two separate Lifetime television shows, which allowed her to help facilitate communication between the living and the dead. Born in the UK, Lisa was quite young when she began seeing spirits.

At first she did not know that those people were dead. Instead, she believed that they were friends and family just coming to visit until they began to relate to Lisa how they had died. Today, she gives private readings as well as readings on tour.

Psychic Wayne

Psychic WaynePsychic Wayne is a third generation psychic who specializes in the Tarot. He began to read and interpret the Tarot when he was just 6 years old. He has been reading professionally for more than 20 years with clients from all walks of life. This includes some A-List Hollywood stars.

Psychic Wayne is quite spiritual and has been able to communicate with his spirit guides beginning during childhood. This is where he is able to provide specific information from the Tarot for his clients. Wayne reads by listening to the Tarot deck to determine, first, which deck he should use for an individual. Not all Tarot decks work for the same person.

This is only a part of the process for him. He is often asked how he gets the answers to questions asked by his querents, but he cannot fully explain how they come to him. As with most famous psychics, Psychic Wayne reviews are rather mixed, but with a definite leaning in the positive direction.

The Late Great Psychics

It would be remiss not to give at least honorable mention to those famous psychics and famous psychic mediums that came before and helped blaze the trail for all of their comrades that came after them. Starting this list is, perhaps, the oldest as well as most fascinating.

Nostradamus (1503 – 1566)

NostradamusThis amazing man was an astrologer who gained fame for his predictions. He was also a man of medicine with an extensive background in the field, which allowed him to treat people for the plague all over Europe. Years following, he started meditating. This is when it is said that he began to have prophetic visions and writing them down.

There are people that feel that Nostradamus spouted nonsense while others give him credit for predicting some of the most famous world events. These included:

There are, of course, many more events of this magnitude, but it would take a book to list them all. In fact, more than one book has been written chronicling his predictions. However you may feel regarding Nostradamus, he is still one of the most famous psychics today, which is quite the accomplishment.

Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945)

Edgar CayceThe incredible psychic Edgar Cayce was unique in many ways, but none so much as the way he performed his readings. For over 40 years, Edgar Cayce lay down on a sofa, closed his eyes, and put himself into a “sleep state.” This allowed him to perform a psychic reading for anyone worldwide.

It is reported that he was a Sunday school teacher and avid Bible reader. His readings covered more than 10,000 subjects including the Akashic Records, past lives, and the physical well-being. All of these things made him the “most documented psychic of the 20th century.”

Edgar Cayce was a pioneer in his field and, even today, he is known as one of the most celebrated psychics on the planet.

Jeanne Dixon (1904 – 1997)

Jeane DixonJeanne Dixon was a well-known psychic and astrologer who counted the rich and famous among her clients. These clients were in both Hollywood and the White House. Millions of people read her predictions and horoscopes in newspaper columns.

Ms. Dixon become known worldwide when she predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 seven years before it took place. Other events she predicted included:

Her ability to see into the future was startling to many people. She could see well ahead; sometimes even many years into the future. In addition, she was also a very kind and caring person even working with pregnant unwed teenagers who had been abandoned by their boyfriends and families. She took them into her own home and worked with them until they were back on their feet.

As you can see, Jeanne Dixon was not only a famous psychic, but she was also great humanitarian.

Sylvia Browne (1936 – 2013)

Sylvia BrowneFamous psychic medium Sylvia Browne claimed to have seen spirits since she was 3 years old. A favorite on such shows as Montel, Larry King Live, and Unsolved Mysteries, she stated that she did not know how she saw these spirits, but it had been a part of her life always. Counting Montel Williams among her closest friends, she appeared on his show numerous times and did impromptu readings on audience members.

A firm believer in reincarnation, Sylvia Browne specialized in psychic detective work. However, her results were varied. Whenever she was wrong about something she foretold, she simply chalked it up as a mistake. Her way of looking at it was “Only God is right all the time.”

In Conclusion

The people on this list are there because they are well-known. None of these psychics have been correct one hundred percent of the time and none of them ever claimed to be. If you get the chance to have a reading with one of them, it might just spoil you for other, less famous, psychics. In the end, keep in mind that your reading does not have to come from a psychic with celebrity status. A less well-known one might give you a reading that is just as worthwhile.

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