Cheap and Free Psychic Readings: Is it worth it?

Something that many people search for when they are in need of guidance are cheap psychic readings. Many feel that the cheap psychics are the best because they are affordable.  That is why they do their best to locate cheap phone psychics or just a cheap psychic that will read for them. It is even better among these querents if they can find an absolutely free psychic reading.

Psychic Love ReadingsThe good news is that there are plenty of these totally free psychic readings to be had. The bad news is that they may not always be the best choice. There are pros and cons to these readings, and you should probably be aware of them before you decide to get one of them for your very important life’s questions.

The Pros of Cheap Psychic Readings

Obviously, the biggest advantage to obtaining a low cost or a free reading is the cost. That seems to be the biggest deterrent to some people getting readings that they know they need or could definitely benefit from. They have so many burning questions that they need answered, but they either cannot afford a reading, or they simply balk at paying the prices commanded by many of the more famous psychics. Even if you do not have the money to hire one of the better known psychics, you may turn to a cheap psychic.

Another great thing about getting low cost readings is that you have the option of getting more than just one reading. This is especially true when you are looking for a free psychic love reading. After all, love does make the world go around and you don’t want to miss your chance at finding the perfect partner or even your soul mate.

Cheap psychic readings offer you the opportunity to see if your true love is just ahead. Even cheap phone psychics can work when the question is pretty simple. At any rate, when you get absolutely free psychic readings, you are offered the chance to move around to various different websites and compare the information you get.

When you get totally free psychic readings, you never have to use a credit card, which is an excellent advantage because you are not putting your important details out there. No matter how secure a website claims to be, there will always be the chance that your information will be collected by an unscrupulous third party. On the other hand, if you do have a free psychic reading no credit card required, having your identity stolen is not something that you need to worry over.

The Cons of Cheap Psychic Readings

One of the problems of getting a psychic reading for free is that there is always the chance you are not getting a “genuine” psychic. Granted, there are different psychics for whatever your needs happen to be. What your concern should be is whether or not the psychic that you contact will give you accurate information.

With so many scams in the world, it is really little wonder that the psychic world holds some of the most dishonest people of all. While the cheap or free psychic reading that you obtain may be one hundred percent honest and genuine, there is also the chance that it is someone picking up some extra money or having some fun at your expense. That is not something that you want to happen to you so you must do your research. Try asking any friends that use psychics who they would recommend.

If you are one of those people who believe that you get what you pay for, it is quite possible that you will feel the same way about cheap psychics. That is an attitude that will almost insure that your reading will be inferior to what you were expecting. Not believing in your reader can actually throw the reading in a nonsensical direction.  On the other hand, some of the information you receive might be rather vague while some will seem as if it has been “fished” from you. Anything from a reading such as this may be unreliable to say the least.

Something else you need to be watchful of is a brand new psychic who is offering free readings in order to “practice” or hone their skills. While there is nothing wrong with this because you are still getting a reading that you do not have to pay for; it can often be a waste of your time because this person may be trying to “learn” to be psychic rather than having genuine abilities. It is difficult to depend on information of that nature.

Where to Find a Psychic Reading for Free

Believe it or not, it is pretty easy to find completely free psychic readings, although the majority of them are through online websites. They will come in the form of actually hooking up with a psychic on the phone or in a chat room. You may also be provided with a phone number to call for your first free minutes of a reading that you will eventually be asked to pay for.

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Sometimes, you can obtain a free psychic reading by entering a contest that a psychic is having so that he or she can drum up more business. This is actually a pretty common occurrence and can net you a psychic reading for free with absolutely no strings attached. Usually, there is more than just one winner.

Another way to obtain a totally free psychic reading is through a website that is offering the aforementioned free minutes. In this instance, you may get three free minutes, five free minutes, or even ten free minutes. But the whole point of that is to get you addicted to what is being said in your reading so that you will want to come back for the rest of it—-at a price. Still, if you make a list of questions before you get started; it is entirely possible that you will find out a lot of the answers that you really wanted to know if you work in the questions quickly enough.

You may also receive a completely free psychic reading through email. These types of readings usually request your name, email address, birth date and, of course, your question. Once you send your details, the psychic will send your free reading to your email. While this type of reading can be helpful, it is typically non-specific and cannot compare to getting a live reading from a true psychic.

Is an Expensive Psychic Reading Better than a Cheap One?

Expensive vs cheapThis can be a rather tricky question. Many people believe that you are not getting an accurate psychic reading unless you are paying through the nose for it. That is not necessarily true but has most likely been perpetrated by the celebrity psychics that have their own television shows or appear before crowds of people. These psychics must be good because they charge anywhere from $200 to $850 an hour, right? Not necessarily.

Some of these psychics that charge an arm and a leg for readings have come under fire more than once for inaccuracy. The late Sylvia Browne made a very public faux pas on the Montel Show when she told the mother of a missing woman that she would see her daughter again in heaven because the daughter was dead. As it turned out, the woman’s daughter had been kidnapped and was rescued by the police even though she had been held captive for ten years. Sadly, her mother was not still alive to be reunited with her daughter.

That was only one of several inaccuracies that plagued this psychic through the years and a session with her cost several hundred dollars. Even so, Sylvia Browne remained a highly popular psychic in spite of her mistakes. The point is that even celebrated psychics have an off day now and then, but you are still going to be paying the same amount of money for wrong information as well as correct.

Most people would be quite willing to pay whatever was asked of them if a psychic could be proven to be 100 percent correct all the time. On the other hand, what if they could pay a nominal fee or donation to a lesser known psychic and receive amazingly accurate information? Would they do it? What about you? Just because a psychic does not always have a long history of celebrity clients does not mean that he or she is not genuine. It is certainly something to ponder.

The Benefits of Free Psychic Love Readings

The main questions for psychics, whether they charge through the roof or offer free readings, deal with love, money, and health, particularly pregnancy. Love comes at the top of the list and will as long as people are looking for their soul mates. There are many people that are obsessed with someone and those are the ones that can really benefit from a free psychic love reading. The reason that they will benefit so greatly is because they get several of these readings every day and they would go broke pretty quickly if they had to pay for all of them.

In addition, they do not have to accept what one psychic says. They can simply go around comparing readings until they have heard exactly what they want to hear. At the end of the day’s rounds to free psychics, they will be happy as well as still holding money in their bank accounts.

Cautions of Cheap Psychic Readings

There are some things to be cautious of when you stumble upon cheap psychic readings. At the top of the list is to be careful of your credit card or bank account details. After all, you do not really know the person on the other end of the computer or phone. Even those cheap psychic readings that are done in person requires a bit of care. In fact, with those readings, you can probably just pay cash and be done with it.

Do not allow information to be pulled out of you. Many psychics do what is known as a “cold reading” with their clients. This simply means that they are making statements that seem common enough to see if the client will lead them down the path of accuracy. In this case, you may have received a cheap psychic reading, but what did you actually get for the small amount of money that you handed over for the reading?

Keep to your questions. Some of the cheap psychics will try to detour or go in another direction totally. Unless you have been getting readings from this psychic for a while and know the readings to be on the up and up; stay true to your questions. If something seems off to you about the answers, you may want to try another psychic.

In Conclusion

In the end, an expensive psychic may not be your best bet, particularly if you are not a rich person. Some of these known psychics may well be worth the money that they charge. On the other hand, they may be taking advantage of a lucky streak that led them to the celebrity status that they now enjoy. Obviously, they had to have done something pretty spectacular in their reading careers or they would not have been elevated to their current status. The problem is whether or not you can afford them.

A cheap psychic reading may, in fact, be exactly what the doctor ordered for very many people in the world. Middle class and poor people need psychic guidance just as much as rich ones do; perhaps even more so. The point is that people find the best psychics for themselves when they need to. Fate does play a large part in how people are connected. Therefore, whether you end up with cheap psychic reading or not; remember that you will find who is meant to give you that reading.

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Isabelle Zammit

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