8 Tips to Finding an Authentic Online Fortune Teller

Clairvoyant, medium, soothsayer, telepath, seer, crystal gazer, psychic and oracle are just some of the terms used interchangeably with fortune teller. From the ancient sibyls who were thought to utter the prophecies of the gods to the modern day spiritualists who communicate with spirits of the dead, all of these people professed to having a sixth sense. Being able to see beyond this material world and into mystical realms is a gift. The internet offers a great advantage in that it is easy for anyone to find an online fortune teller. Perhaps even an authentic gypsy fortune teller!

Gypsies“The Gypsies, who call themselves Rom or Romany, are a nomadic culture which originated in India during the Middle Ages…. Rom have a long tradition of magic and shamanism.”
A genuine gypsy fortune teller comes from a long line of supernaturally gifted people and you will be lucky to cross paths with such brilliance online.

Second sight is something many people are born with but few cultivate it into a powerful tool. Most people ignore the mysterious messages received from unearthly sources which can turn out to be the most accurate authority. When someone shows signs of an otherworldly gift, they should be nurtured and trained to become great at their craft instead of criticized or mocked. Humans have exceptional capabilities in this realm and now that society is more accepting of these talents, we can see fortune tellers, psychics and clairvoyants gaining mainstream popularity.

Fortune telling, as it’s known today, is more casual than the elaborate rituals of calling upon spirits or communing with gods. Fortune tellers use various methods to discover details about a person’s life and future. Astrology, crystal ball gazing, interpreting tea leaves and cards plus fire and water gazing are just a few techniques you may experience in a reading. The trouble is how to distinguish between those with real abilities and the frauds. There are many fortune tellers online and it can be hard to know if you are encountering one who is legitimately gifted.

When searching for an online fortune teller there are some important things to keep in mind.

1. Free Doesn’t Mean Fake

Free or FakeJust because someone is a free online fortune teller doesn’t necessarily mean they are a fake. Some fortune teller’s have a very real desire to help as many people as they can and offering a free service allows them to do so. If you have an open mind and a sincere intention for guidance, a free reading could be just the thing to help you move forward. Of course, giving free online readings does help fortune tellers find new long-term clients. They know if you like their free service it is very possible you will come back as a paying customer.

There’s nothing to lose in a free reading. You can ask a question, get an answer and then decide for yourself if you chose to believe the answer. After a free online reading, you can then determine if you want to go deeper with that particular fortune teller or find someone else.

2. Use Your Intuition

Nothing can replace your own “gut instincts” when looking online for a free fortune teller reading. If you come upon a website which feels tacky or second-rate then it probably is exactly what you think. Since it is a free service, there is no harm in trying it out but think of it as entertainment and not something you use to make a life altering decision. If you feel unsure of a certain website or fortune teller then look somewhere else. Never discount your own intuition. Your inner wisdom will not lead you astray.

Some people wonder how to listen to their intuition when deciding on a fortune teller. More often than not, it is the feeling in your stomach when you first see or hear them. It is what you know deep down inside even if your mind is telling you something different. Your reaction to someone within the first nine seconds of meeting them will give you a very good idea of what your intuition is saying.

Even your body can give strong signs of what your intuition is telling you. Notice if you feel excited, alive and connected to the fortune teller or if you feel uncertain, full of dread or heaviness when you interact with them. This can be a great tool for choosing an online oracle.

3. Do Your Homework

HomeworkWhen searching for online fortune teller readings, you will find millions of results. Unless you have years to wait for your answer, this is not very helpful. Something to consider is reviewing suggestions from various search engines to see which sites come up on the first few pages of results across the board. This can help narrow your focus a bit. Let your eye draw your attention to the names of a few sites that stand out. This is where your intuition will work it’s magic for you and you will find the sites which will be most helpful in your circumstances.

Once you have a few sites in mind, you can run them through a domain information review site like woorank.com or seohunt.biz which will tell you how long they’ve been registered, how many visitors they get, how popular they are on social media, where they are located as well as other bits of interesting information. This is good practical knowledge to have which can help you decide if you trust the services provided by the clairvoyant there.

4. Dive Into The Site

When you’ve narrowed down your selection even more, it’s time to really dig in to the websites themselves. Read everything they provide you and ask yourself some questions. Does the site tell you what tradition the fortune teller uses or where they are from? When it it obvious what tradition is used, it is more than likely the reading you get will be better.

Can you choose the method of divination that you want the online fortune teller to use? Most telepaths are masters of one particular technique so it is better if the person you seek a reading from specializes in one area like reading cards or crystal gazing. If their offerings are all over the place, you can bet the reading is random computer generated information or simply made up.

Are the services always free or do they offer more in depth readings for a fee? Free fortune teller readings are great but the more valuable services cost money. Plus when you pay for something you tend to place more importance on it. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a free reading but to get deeper into details and specifics, you may have to make an investment.

Is there a blog to read so you can gain a greater understanding of this particular fortune teller’s perspective and way of communicating? If you have an opportunity to read some articles on the website or by the specific psychic you are interested in then you can begin to see how your reading will be delivered to you. When you read something which strikes you as awkward or nonsensical then the reading you get will probably not be the right one for you.

Taking time to look at every page and read everything on a fortune teller’s website is very beneficial. It helps you discern whether or not this particular person will provide guidance in a way you can really benefit from and use.

5. Person versus Machine

Machine vs PersonIt is nice to find sites with real people ready to type chat or video chat with you. When you use a site like www.oranum.com or www.psychicsource.com you have the opportunity to view various fortune tellers and their biographies. Oranum also has a free chat area set up where you can interact with a psychic before deciding to pay for a service. Keep in mind these are people working and for them to continue to offer their services, they do need to be paid.

Watching a demo reading with a particular fortune teller is very helpful before deciding to spend money with them. Once you see them interact with another person, you will have a better idea if they are the right psychic for you. Take your time and browse. Read other customers’ reviews and take note of the fortune teller’s demeanor. If you feel comfortable with them, you will likely get a helpful and genuine reading.

Be wary of the websites with computer generated fortunes. These are almost always simply random bits of information from a huge digital database. That’s not to say these types of readings can’t be helpful but they are probably just the luck of the draw with no real relation to your unique situation. People can make real connections whereas computers cannot.

6. Pushing You Around

A huge red flag for a fraudulent fortune teller is when you feel pushed around or manipulated. If you are getting a reading from someone who is constantly pressuring you to spend more and more money, it is highly possible they are a fraud. When a psychic is passionate about their craft and really believes in their abilities, they do not need to be pushy or aggressive with you. These genuine people know you will return of your own accord and pay them for their services which you find valuable.

A good and authentic clairvoyant allows you to feel safe. They offer a place for you to share your troubles and make quick efforts to help you. A good fortune teller is compassionate and direct. They share their knowledge with you in a caring yet straight forward way. Fraudulent people will tell you what you want to hear and try to manipulate your feelings. Genuine people will make you feel heard and offer real answers or advice regardless of what you are hoping to hear.

Really pay attention to the person giving you your reading. Notice whether they seem to change their answers depending on your responses or facial expressions. A real fortune teller will stick to their responses firmly even if you are not happy about the outcome. A fraud will try to indulge you with ambiguous answers so you feel a false sense of security and continue to come back to them. Sometimes the truth hurts and a genuine psychic won’t hesitate to tell you the truth but should do so in a thoughtful and kind way.

7. What Are They Looking At?Nervous

Another thing to notice is what the fortune teller is focused on. If their eyes are moving from side to side or looking all around, they are probably nervous and unsure. They are probably trying to base their reading on your demeanor, responses or physical reactions. A fortune teller should be attentive, calm and relaxed.

A genuine one will pay close attention as you speak your troubles or questions before they turn to their technique of choice. They may ask you to repeat your concerns as they start to work with their tools and move into a very focused state. Many will close their eyes as they receive the information through their instruments or from their spirit guides.

8. Counselor or Psychic

There is a fine line between the two. A certified counselor works with techniques accepted by the scientific community whereas a psychic or fortune teller works with things science hasn’t identified yet. Both have their values.

While a counselor pulls only from knowledge of psychology, sociology and the like, a good fortune teller uses this type of learning as well as wisdom gained from the ethereal realms. A more conservative person who feels secure with scientific approaches will be best served by a counselor. An open-minded person who senses something unknowable and greater behind all of life will do better to find an excellent psychic.

When working with an authentic online fortune teller (or even in person), you can benefit from an extensive array of erudition, awareness, perception and wisdom. A first-class seer will be professional, communicative and willing to listen.

In The End

All in all, finding an authentic online fortune teller is like a treasure hunt. You must do your research and invest some time into your quest. The true gems may not appear at first as you wade through tawdry websites, computer generated nonsense and dramatic actors or actresses. It will all be worth it in the end. Discovering a genuine psychic who shares their gifts in an elegant manner is priceless.

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Vanice M Medley

I listen and love with gentle intensity. I live and dance with courageous passion. I laugh and cry with equal exuberance. I am reverently devoted to the magic of creation. I fully trust and adore my soul.
Vanice M Medley
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