5 Easy Steps to Getting a Free Psychic Reading Online

When you hear the word “free” you probably have a dual reaction. You are excited to get something which may be of great value without spending a penny but, at the same time, you wonder if what you are getting is any good at all. This is a normal response and also applies to getting a free online psychic reading. Before you continue on the road to finding a free psychic reading online, consider this question for yourself… Is it worth it?

Yes. You believe in a greater power behind this universe and that there are people who can tune into this energy with more clarity and depth so let us continue to get you to where you want to be.


When obtaining a free online psychic reading, it is useful to do some research. This idea can be daunting when you feel the need for an immediate answer to your questions but it will pay off big in the end. Even though your online psychic reading is free, you still want a high quality, genuine and gifted professional. The world of free online psychics is vast and if you spend the extra time doing your research, you will end up more satisfied with the results.

By doing a quick search of the internet, you will find an overwhelming amount of sites advertising a free psychic reading online. Some of these websites include live readings either over the phone, in a chat room or with a webcam while other sites offer email guidance or instant readings. Your options are plenty.

KasambaMany sites offer new customers their first few minutes of a reading for free. Sites like Kasamba credit you with 3 free minutes once you create a profile and enter in your preferred method of payment. This is an amazing opportunity to check out their site and get a quick bit of guidance. Keep in mind that 3 minutes goes by fast and your free reading could easily turn into a paid one.

Another great benefit of Kasamba is the money back guarantee. They want you to be completely happy with your paid reading so if you are not 100% satisfied, you can obtain a refund of what you paid. Such a policy offers you more peace of mind and makes the decision to try their site a bit easier. This perk also shows you just how much Kasamba believes in the psychics who work through them.

California PsychicsOther sites offer promotions to encourage new customers to try them out for a nominal fee. California Psychics has a special where your first reading is just $1 per minute. Although this isn’t free, the price is definitely worth it. Thirty minutes with a good psychic is plenty of time to get the guidance you seek and $30 is nothing to find the answers you need. Amazingly enough, this website also offers the satisfaction-guaranteed-or-your-money-back promise.

Psychic SourcePsychic Source is a site which combines all three of the aforementioned offers. As a new customer, you get your first reading for $1 per minute with which they include 3 minutes for free. What an unbeatable combination! To sweeten the deal, they also have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed money back policy. This just keeps getting better and better.

Lotus TarotAnother interesting offer is from Lotus Tarot. New customers receive the first 3 minutes of a paid reading for free in addition to a 50% discount off of the remainder of the reading. Depending on the psychic you choose for your reading, the price could perceivably be only $.75 per minute. That is quite an astonishing offer to say the least.

OranumOranum has a great system where you can create a free profile and then join in the free psychic chat rooms to peruse various psychics. Keep in mind that a minute of interaction in the free chat room may or may not be enough time to get you the answers you are seeking. An online psychic can possibly offer a hint of advice in this free arena but for deeper more fulfilling guidance you will most likely need to move into a private paid reading.

Oranum PromotionThe current promotion from Oranum asks you to try out their ORANUM app on your Apple or Android device and then leave a positive user review in order to receive 10 free credits for their site (click on More/Promotions at the top middle of the Oranum site: ). With these 10 credits you can get a free 5 minute psychic reading if the price of the psychic you choose is $1.99 per minute.

Psychics.com offers first time callers $10 for free to try out their psychics. This site offers a wide variety of psychic readings including pet communicators and dream interpretation. They even have an option to text your psychic if online or the telephone are not doable for you. With the $10 they give you though, it would be a good idea to call in for your free 5 minute psychic reading.

Sites like www.free-tarot-reading.net provide instant free readings. Free Tarot is unique because you shuffle the tarot deck and pick out the cards yourself. The website then gives you an interpretation of the cards which you can consider in relation to the question you have in mind.

Overall, there are many avenues and various price points to consider when shopping for online psychic guidance. Taking your time while considering your preferences and budget will go a long way in getting you the reading which helps you the most.


Once you’ve done some research and have an idea of what your options are for receiving a free psychic reading online, the next thing to do is make preparations. Since most offers for free readings have a time limit of 3 minutes or perhaps just 1 minute in a chat room, you want to be sure you are well prepared for the interaction.

What are you seeking?Begin by fully considering your original motivation for finding a psychic. It is imperative to have a focused and well-phrased question ready to present to the psychic. If you are feeling vague around your request then the psychic will not be able to get a clear picture of an answer for you. The more concrete and specific you can make your question, the better your chances of getting a meaningful answer in the short amount of time allotted for the free reading.

For example, if you are confused about your relationship or feel like you do not know what to do, spend some time trying to understand why you feel the way you do. If you are unhappy, put words to the reason behind this unhappiness. Are you or your partner distant, unromantic, indifferent or uncaring? Was there infidelity in your relationship? Once you have done an emotional inventory, you are ready to create a finely tuned question.

A great format for an inquiry in relation to the previously mentioned example is this: “I am unhappy in my current relationship because my partner is not romantic. They treat me like a roommate instead of a passionate lover and I am confused about our future together. If I stay in the relationship, will the situation improve?” You can apply this formula for any life topic you have questions about.

Be sure to avoid the word “should” when formulating your questions. Instead, use words like “what” or “will” or “when” or “if”. Questions with a basic “yes or no” answer tend to give you more direct results.

Knowing exactly why you are approaching a psychic in the first place and putting your needs into succinct wording is one way to assure you get the most accurate reading possible.


There are many types of online psychic readings, free or paid, so it is good to have an idea of what you want. Considering different types of psychic readings will help guide you in your search and prepare you to get the best psychic for your unique needs.

Do structured or unstructured readings appeal to you? Decide whether you feel more comfortable with psychics who use material tools, like cards and runes, or with those who receive messages from guides, God or the universe. This helpful bit of information will go a long way in getting you the right type of online psychic reading for free.

What do you want?If you are curious about ancestral patterns, a psychic who offers past life regression will be your best option. If you need to hear from someone who has passed on, connecting with a psychic who can communicate with spirits or angels is a great idea.

For yes or no type questions or when a decision about your next step is needed, consider tarot cards, runes, i-ching and crystal ball gazing (scrying). There are a plethora of skills psychics use when doing readings so be sure to go for the ones you find most interesting.

If you have a timing question like when is the best time to change careers or to get married or to get pregnant then an astrological consultation will usually offer excellent results. Remember that you do need to have your birth date and exact birth time for this sort of reading to work properly.

To gain a greater understanding of yourself, including your personality, motivations, needs, desires and experiences, look toward psychics who do aura readings, numerology, palmistry or astrology. These can all provide deep insights into and new perspectives about your life.

Another thing to ponder is whether you want the reading to be live or not. Do you want to interact face to face with a psychic through a webcam? Would you prefer a telephone call to keep yourself more anonymous? If you put your thoughts into written words better than spoken words then perhaps an email reading or a chat room is the best route for you.

Knowing what you want before jumping in to an online psychic community is a must.


You decided to get a free online psychic reading and found this article. Your question is specific and fine-tuned. There are a few forms of psychic readings which you find intriguing. You know what you want and how you want to get it. You, my friend, are ready to enter the world of free online psychic readings. Be bold, brave, courageous and go for it!


What if after reading this and following the steps you still feel a little lost about where to begin? What then? Let me offer you a simple plan to help move you forward.

  1. Put yourself in a calm and quiet state of being with prayer, meditation or long deep breathing.
  2. Decide upon your specific question.
  3. Go to a site with completely free online psychic readings where no credit card is required for their instant answer options like www.free-tarot-reading.net.
  4. Next, try out Oranum’s free psychic chat rooms and see what other information you can receive about your question.
  5. Finally, become a first time customer on all of the sites mentioned at the beginning of this article and find yourself getting many short free online psychic readings. Compare the guidance you received and consider how you felt in each experience. Perhaps there is one psychic with whom you really connected and you want to dive deeper with them.

Now it is time to go for it!

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Vanice M Medley

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Vanice M Medley
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