15 Ways to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

Are you psychic? Maybe you are, maybe not. This article will teach you how to be psychic, even if you think you are not psychic. It is a widely held belief that every person is psychic to some degree. If you are ready to enhance those natural psychic tendencies, read on and enjoy.

Understand What it Means to be Psychic

To enhance your psychic abilities, you first need to understand what it means to be psychic. What is a psychic? There are many different degrees and types of psychic abilities. Some psychic mediums communicate with spirits to gain knowledge that they could not ascertain through the normal five senses. Some other types of psychic abilities are:

  • Telepathy is the ability to know what another person is thinking without any prior knowledge, script, or other way of knowing beforehand.
  • Precognition is the paranormal foreknowledge of an event and manifests in different ways such as dreams, visions, and/or strong feelings that a person cannot ignore easily. Usually precognition, at this level, applies to a close circle of family and friends and is sometimes mistaken by all to be a fluke because of familiarity with the persons involved.
  • Psychometry is the ability to know details about a person or object simply by touching them or it.
  • Prophetic dreams are a type of precognition that refer to a wider audience of influence—world events, major events in locales and involving people that the psychic does not know personally.
  • Clairvoyance, also known as second sight, is the ability to know things without the use of the usual five senses.
  • Dowsing is the ability to locate objects with a tool—such a dowsing rod of wood used to locate water under the ground, or dowsing rods made of metal to detect spiritual energies that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Psychokinesis refers to the ability to manipulate physical objects with only the power of thought.
  • Retrocognition is the ability to know things about past events, sometimes as far back as ancient times, that the psychic has no way of knowing other than by paranormal means.
  • Remote Viewing is the ability to gain specific knowledge of a targeted person, place, or thing from far away and without the aid of any technology or communication of such knowledge beforehand.
Are You Psychic?

Are You Psychic?

Do Research

Spend time researching and reading about these different psychic abilities and know that this list is not exhaustive, but is a guide to the most frequently reported and recorded types of psychic phenomena. As you search, you will learn about other types of psychic abilities. Simply gaining this knowledge will enlighten you to the reality of this other realm and help you learn how to tap into it.

Concentrate on Your Own Psychic Abilities

After you research, pinpoint which abilities you think you might possess. Now is time to concentrate on your specific abilities. Which abilities do you want to enhance? It is best to concentrate on a single ability at a time.

Try this Online Psychic Quiz

Here is the link to a free online psychic quiz to find out if you are psychic and how psychic you are: http://www.psychiccourses.com/psychic-test/

Determine Time of Day with Least Interruptions

Never Stress Over Time

Never Stress Over Time

When you choose which ability to work with first, determine the time of day you will be least likely to have many interruptions and work during that time—especially for the first three weeks. Why three weeks? There is scientific proof that it takes 21 days of a repeated action for that action to become a habit. To strengthen your psychic abilities, you need to be able to tap into the alpha and theta brain waves of deep relaxation quickly. For this to happen, you need to retrain your brain and that takes at least 21 days of repeating the same process to gain access.

Don’t Stress

Never stress over the set time you plan to practice and work. Stress is counter-productive. Learn to go into a state of deep relaxation—meditate. Meditate every day for the 21 days and do it the same way every day. Daily meditation is sufficient, but it helps if you can meditate twice each day. If you have never meditated, do some more research and find the meditation program that suits you best. Here is a basic guide to get you started:

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.

Turn off the phone and television.

If you live in a place where there is a lot of background noise, such as traffic or noisy neighbors, you can play soft instrumental music. (Avoid music with lyrics as your brain tends to follow along with the singing and does not enter the state of relaxation that is necessary here).

Whether you sit or lie down to meditate, the main objective here is to keep your spine aligned throughout. If you lie down, do so on your back with your nose pointing to the ceiling, not to the side, to keep your spine straight; put heels together and allow your toes to fall outward in a normal relaxed position and place your elbows close to your body, palms turned slightly upward.

Breathe in through your nose, filling your stomach with air first and then your lungs; breathe out through your mouth, exhaling the air in your stomach first and then releasing the air in your lungs. You will get the hang of this soon, that is why you are practicing, after all. Do this three times and feel your body releasing pent-up stress each time you completely exhale.

Close your eyes and imagine a ball of warming light above the crown of your head with the number 1 in its center. Allow this ball of light to travel down your body slowly all the way to your toes, releasing tension and warming you as it goes.

Let it continue off your toes and back into the ether. Repeat this process with a second ball of light and envision the number 2 in its center. Repeat a third time with a ball of light with the number 3 in its center.

Your brain should be in the beta waves now. Linger there. Feel the peace and quiet. Know that you are safe. Do not fall asleep.

After a few minutes tell yourself, with your internal voice, not spoken, “To reach this state from now on, all I need to do is count back from three to one.”

Now you need to come back to a full state of consciousness. Do not sit or stand too quickly, as you might become dizzy. Start by wiggling your toes a few times. Now, tense your lower leg muscles and release.

Tense your thigh muscles and release. Tense your core (abdominal) muscles and release. Wiggle your fingers. Tense your arm muscles and release. Slowly move your head to one side then the other.

Open your eyes and take a deep breath.

Slowly come to a sitting position and remain there for a few seconds before standing.

Remember, this is only a simple, basic guide to get you started. Meditation should grow and expand as you learn. Select books from reputable sources and learn all you can about meditation and different approaches to meditation. What works well for one individual might not work at all for another. The meditation above is intended for the first 21 days as you reprogram your brain to enter the beta state more easily; it is by no means intended to be the only form of meditation you practice.

Keep a Journal

Learn to journal. The journal does not have to be an expensive product. A plain notebook and pen work fine. Record feelings you have throughout the day in that journal and resist the urge to jot down grocery lists or errands in the journal. You need not spend endless hours writing in the journal every week. Just jot down the date, time, your location, and the event or feeling that happened as it relates to your psychic abilities.

Separate Dream Journal

Keep a separate Dream Journal. This journal needs to be easy to open/turn pages. Keep it by your bed or on your bed every time you go to sleep—even if you are just taking a quick nap. Immediately upon waking, write down any dream or dream fragment you remember and the date, time, and your location (the room you are in or simply that you are in your own home).

Find Peace

Peace Is Key

Peace Is Key

Implement as much peace into your daily life as is possible. Sometimes in today’s hectic and chaotic world, it seems impossible to find peace and quiet, but for the development of psychic abilities, it is essential. If there is no outer peace to be found, change the way you react to stress, thereby implementing internal peace. You have a choice and you must decide not to let certain things cause you undue stress. Take a five-minute breather at work to use the deep breathing technique outlined above to release stress. You do not have to enter the meditative state, just repeat the deep breathing process three times with your eyes closed and each time you exhale, think, “I clear my mind of stress.” “I clear my body of stress.” “I clear my soul of stress.” Feel the stress leaving as you exhale each time.


Be conscious of what you eat, when you eat, and why you eat. A healthy body is easier to relax. Being health conscious also adds a certain measure of self-worth and self-esteem, which empowers you in everyday life and gives you the wherewithal to continue your chosen path.

Keep Quiet About Your Activities

Unless you live in a community of like-minded peers, and most of us do not, it is best to keep quiet about what you are doing and the path you are pursuing. The reasoning here is that you do not need the negativity of others influencing you and your choices at this delicate time. Some people do not realize how much a simple negative facial expression can influence them. Avoid negativity whenever and wherever you can—this is good advice for life in general.

Go with the Flow

When the urge hits you to rearrange certain things in your life, go with it. If something is nagging at you to move that coat rack to another place in the room, do it. This is your subconscious surfacing to help you get things in order so that your psychic abilities can shine through easier.

Find Your Color

Choose the color and texture of your clothes wisely. It is scientific fact that colors influence your attitude and emotional state.

Research Your Elements

What Is Your Element?

What Is Your Element?

Learn about how the elements affect you, your mood, and your emotional state. This might require some research on your part. Here is a quick guide:

  • Learn your lunar zodiac sign.
  • Learn which element that sign represents (for instance, Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign).
  • Learn which elements complement your sign.
  • Implant complementing elements into your life, home, office, etc. (for example: Sagittarius is mutable fire and needs water to balance and earth is a complement. So a Sagittarius would benefit by having water and earth in his/her environment—a small electric waterfall sitting in a tabletop sand or soil garden.


Conduct experiments of your own and keep a detailed journal for these experiments (or routinely participate in psychic experiments) so you can see the results for yourself. You will see which abilities are improving, how they are improving, and how they are influencing your daily life. Are your improved abilities beneficial to you and/or others?

Experiment and keep a journal

Experiment and Keep a Journal


Use these practices for each psychic ability you wish to enhance. How much you enhance your ability is completely up to you. If you find that one of your abilities is causing you grief or stress at any time, stop developing that particular ability until you can resolve the issue. Meditate on that trouble and see if you have a revelation about why it is causing the stress in your life. Focus on solving the root cause of the trouble instead of trying to relieve only the symptom.

Now that you have, hopefully, advanced your psychic abilities and become comfortable with them, you are surely wondering what you can do with your enhanced abilities. Is there any hope of lucrative psychic employment? Yes indeed. Those with a psychic nature can indeed earn a decent living with their abilities. Here are some psychic employment ideas for you to peruse:

  • Work for a psychic network —from home, online and/or on the phone.
  • Set up your own psychic website and work for yourself (not a good idea if you are not ready to invest a lot of your personal time managing the site, your clients, and the business end of the endeavor.
  • Have a go at giving readings at home, in person. The clients come to your house for face-to-face readings. Remember to have a sign that clearly states your hours of business. If not, people will show up whenever they need or want an answer, without regard to you and your time.
  • Become a psychic healer and work with clients in your home.
  • Some psychics rent booths/spaces at the local larger flea markets and give tarot, crystal ball, and/or rune readings right on the spot. This also gives them a place to
    set up any homemade wares they wish to sell, such as books, artwork, clothes, tarot cards, etc.
  • If you want to do well on your own, be prepared to advertise your business. Self-promotion is part of the industry—it is the nature of the psychic business.


Sharon M White

Sharon M White

Sharon lives in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee with her awesomely artistic daughter, Amber, and Heidi, a cat who thinks she is a person too. Writing is Sharon's passion and her written works have been published online and in print since 2004.
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