15 Top Tips to Get the Most Accurate Psychic Reading Ever

Whether you’re going for your very first psychic reading and don’t know what to expect or you’ve been consulting psychics for years but feel that you could be getting more out of your experience, don’t worry.

We’ve put together a list of top tips to help you make the most of your reading, opening the door to greater spiritual insight and honest advice so that you can get the psychic help you need.

Finding the right psychic advisor

Finding the right psychic advisorThe first step to a good reading is to find the best psychic advisor for you. Consulting a psychic is such a personal experience and it’s important to find someone you can really connect with, who has genuine psychic abilities and is able to relate to you, so you get the information and support you need.

Personal recommendations are always the best way to go. If a friend you trust has had a good experience with a psychic, the chances are high you will too and many of the most powerful psychics don’t advertise their services because they don’t need to. Their satisfied clients ensure they get plenty of work.

If you don’t know anyone you can ask for a psychic, don’t worry. There are plenty of other resources out there to help you find a good one. New age shops, for example, often have psychics working through them or can put you in touch with someone they trust. Don’t be afraid of using the internet either. Many famous psychics often have recommendations on their sites of readers they trust, giving you that extra seal of approval.

Think about the type of reading do you want. Do you want pure psychism or mediumship? You may be able to visit your local spiritualist church as a starting point. Would you prefer a tarot reader? You might find it reassuring to know that the information they give you is right there in the cards, so you can go away and research for yourself the meaning of your cards.

Once you’ve chosen the type of reading you’d like, research your reader. Look into their qualifications, experience and background. Have they had any training to develop their skills? Do they train others? Don’t be afraid to ask your potential psychic for information about their psychic powers and if they don’t want to answer, go and find someone who will.

Finally, there’s the question of cost. Cheap psychic readings might seem like a bargain, but you get what you pay for. Conversely, just because someone is expensive, doesn’t mean that you’re getting anything out of the ordinary. As a general guide, think about how much you’d pay for a haircut locally. That will give you a ball park figure of how much is a reasonable price to pay for a psychic reading.

Be prepared

A genuine psychic will always take the time to ground and centre themselves before a reading and if you want to make the most of your time with them, so will you. The more focused you are on what you need to know, the easier it will be for your psychic to tune in to the answers you want.

Be preparedThis is especially important if you’re having your psychic reading online. A good psychic doesn’t need to be in the room with you, but the more you can dedicate your energies to an accurate outcome, the easier it is for your psychic to deliver.

It’s crucial that you don’t take any recreational drugs or drink before a reading, even if it’s the night before. Showing up to your appointment with a hangover is a guaranteed way to ensure that your psychic won’t be able to see through the fog you’ve surrounded yourself with. If you want clear messages, you need clarity of thought as well.

Calling a psychic number

Many excellent psychics offer phone readings, giving you the flexibility of a reading when you need, as well as access to talented psychics all around the world.

If you decide to call a psychic number, make sure that you have a good signal so that you can hear everything clearly. Also be sure to find a quiet space where you can focus on what your psychic is saying. It’s impossible to get a decent reading if you’re being bothered by children every five minutes!

Allow yourself enough time

Allow yourself enough timeIt’s crucial to allow yourself enough time with the psychic to go over everything you need to know in detail. It’s better to be safe than sorry – book a full hour if you think you need an in depth interpretation.

Bear in mind that even the most talented of psychics can need some time to connect with you. If you push for immediate results and believe you can get a complete, accurate reading in three minutes, you’re going to be disappointed. Give your psychic the space to feel their way into the reading and you’ll be richly rewarded.

Don’t be emotional

Although you may feel that you really need a reading in the heat of an emotional moment, it’s better to take your time and calm down before booking a session. Readings given when you’re in a heightened emotional state may not be the most accurate. They can reflect how you’re feeling or what you’re most worried about rather than being a genuine insight into the future, which will only add to your fears.

What’s more, if you rush out to find a psychic, you leave yourself open to being taken advantage. For all the genuine psychics out there, there are plenty of people who just to take your money and tell you what you want to hear. If you take a moment to breathe before looking for psychic solutions, it’ll make a massive difference to the quality of your reading.

Be open minded but sceptical

It’s always worth approaching a psychic with a healthy dose of scepticism. Not everyone is genuine and it’s natural to want some reassurance that the person you are consulting is genuinely gifted. However, don’t set yourself up for failure. If you go into a reading with an attitude of needing to hear certain facts or wanting a particular message, you’re bound to be disappointed.

We’re given what we need from a reading, not what we necessarily want and deciding that we simply have to be told that Auntie Betty lived in a white cottage with red roses growing over the door can get in the way of more useful information coming through – even if it might not seem that way at the time.

Garbage in, garbage out

Garbage in, garbage outPossibly the most crucial key to a great reading is the questions you ask. Many questions are highly subjective and you can miss out on what you need to hear if you don’t take the time to prepare questions you really want to know the answer to.

Consider the difference between asking ‘should I start this business’ and ‘will this business be profitable.’ There are so many implications to the word ‘should’ and asking whether you should do something will tell you nothing about what will happen if you decide to go ahead or not.

Be as specific as you possible can when phrasing your questions. Alternatively, if you’re not sure about what you want to ask, start off with a general question along the lines of ‘what will be the important events / lessons of the next six months.’ This will throw up the issues that really matter and then you can ask for further clarifications on any details you’re unsure about.

Prepare your questions before your reading, preferably writing them down so you don’t have to worry about remembering them on the day. That way, you can focus on what your psychic is telling you rather than fretting about which question you wanted to ask next.

Wait for questions to be answered

Sometimes you can have a long list of questions you’d like to work through and it’s tempting to rush through things as quickly as possible. However, trying to get answers to all of your questions at once will likely result in none of them being dealt with.

During a reading, a psychic will be tuning into the energies around a particular issue and if you attempt to move on without a pause, the chances are high that you’re going to get an answer that’s still linked to the previous one.

Don’t ask ‘can you tell me whether I’ll get a job promotion and I need to know if my boyfriend’s going to propose and is my dog going to be OK when it goes in for surgery and am I going to travel?’ These are completely separate issues and need to be addressed individually. Break them down into separate questions and make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the results from one before moving on to the next.

Listen and take notes

Listen and take notesMany psychics offer a transcript or tape recording of your reading so you can refer back to it as often as you like. This can be especially useful when you want to see how accurate their advice and predictions have been, so it’s always worth asking whether a psychic offers this or minds you recording the session.

Whether you’re given a recording or not, it’s still useful to make notes during your reading so that you have something to refer back to for clarification. Sometimes you can forget about things you wanted to ask or something comes up that surprises you and you don’t know how to respond immediately. Taking notes is a great way of jogging your memory and ensuring you get everything covered.

It also means you pay attention to what you’re told. It might sound silly, but if you’re going to visit a psychic, you’re asking for their guidance and input. They should be doing the majority of the talking, telling you how things are / will be, not the other way around. So make sure you listen carefully to everything they’ve got to say if you want to get the maximum benefit of their talent.

Provide feedback

At the same time, don’t be afraid to speak up. Telling a reader when they’ve got it right – or wrong – can help them tune into your energies. If you don’t feel that they’ve properly answered your question, ask for advice. If you’re going to a tarot reader, ask them what specific cards indicate and make note so that you can check this later.

If you went to your psychic wanting advice about your business venture and all you get is information about your love life, don’t accept excuses that it was ‘what you really needed to hear.’ A good psychic will be able to provide you with information on any aspect of your life.

Be honest

Don’t deliberately try to trick the medium to try and test if they’re genuine. If you’ve done your research beforehand, you should already have all the reassurance you need that they are what they claim to be. All you’re doing is wasting their time and yours – not to mention your money.

If you’ve gone to a psychic show or arranged a group reading and you’ve claimed messages that you thought were for you but don’t seem relevant after a while, it’s better to say that you think the psychic is mistaken than to be polite and listen without comment. It may well be that those messages were intended for someone else in the audience and you’re getting in the way.

Don’t hear what you want to hear

It can be very tempting to twist messages so that they fit what you want to hear. It’s a natural instinct to want to please others, but if your psychic gives you a name or an image that doesn’t make sense, say so.

Don’t try to come up with convoluted ways of trying to make a connection that isn’t there. No psychic is 100% accurate and if they really have missed the mark, it’s better for them to know this and re-establish a link than to continue down a path based on false premises.

Accept the truth

Accept the truthIn a similar vein, be prepared to accept what you’re told. Sometimes we can be given bad news or be told things that are not what we wanted to hear. You might want to know that your new business is going to be a resounding success, but if the signs are there that it’s going to fail miserably, don’t ignore them. After all, that’s why you’ve gone to visit a psychic – to get warnings about bad news.

If you are told something unpleasant, ask the reader for advice on how to deal with the situation. There may be ways of mitigating the negative impact of an event or things that you can do to prepare yourself for the worst. Forewarned is forearmed and you may find that things aren’t as bad as they first appeared if you’ve organised yourself accordingly.

Look out for frauds

Unfortunately, for all the genuine psychics out there, there are still plenty of so-called ‘cold readers’ looking to make money from the unwary. However, there are ways in which you can protect yourself from a cold reader, particularly if you’ve researched your chosen psychic beforehand.

In situations like this, trust your gut instinct. If you get a funny feeling about someone, there’ll be a good reason for that and don’t be afraid to call time on a reading if you think it’s a fraud.

Don’t give out any information about yourself in advance, e.g. date of birth. Whilst astrology can be an excellent tool, there really is no need to include it in a tarot reading, for example, and if a reader has some basic information about your chart, they’ll just feed it back to you instead of making a genuine connection. Don’t carry visible photos of your family and be careful that you don’t just feed the ‘psychic’ information. They should be telling you, not the other way round!

Say thank you!

A good psychic will have given you their time and energy and it goes without saying that you should say thank you for their efforts.

After your reading, take some time to mull over what you’ve been told. Go for a walk or have a relaxing bath as you think about the messages you’ve been given and ask yourself how you can make the most of their advice moving forward.

Sorrell Cochrane

Sorrell Cochrane

Sorrell Cochrane has been reading tarot cards for almost 30 years and has written numerous articles on psychism and related subjects. Happily married, she enjoys exploring the countryside with her small dog and brood of children.
Sorrell Cochrane

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