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What Is a Psychic?

The first question that we will address is exactly what is a psychic? Defined as a person who is sensitive to forces or influences of a supernatural nature, there are various types of psychics. These forces are not able to be seen by “ordinary” people or by those that are not open minded to such things. It is, perhaps, more important to understand what a psychic can do for you in terms of guiding you in those questionable areas of your life. A genuine psychic can provide invaluable help to those in need of it and that know how to seek it.


Tarot cards

People with psychic abilities are able to do such things as interpret Tarot cards, read palms, and tell you what your dreams mean. Some have the ability to speak with those souls that have passed. Many of them can gaze into crystal balls and see your past, present and future. Some psychics have abilities in more than one area. Those are great ones to come into contact with because you can have many different types of readings in one session.

There are clairvoyants, clairaudients, astrologers, palmists, Tarot card readers, spell casters, spiritualist psychics or mediums, and others with various abilities that offer them a place in the psychic world. It may be difficult to know which type of psychic you may need to seek out for your particular problem. When you know the differences between them, the choice becomes much easier.

Clairvoyant vs. Psychic

Clairvoyants are often confused with psychics because they have many of the same abilities. The word “clairvoyant” literally means “clear seeing.” In other words, a clairvoyant clearly sees the truth about the past, present, and future. There are also people that possess the ability of being clairaudient. This means that they can hear voices outside of ordinary existence that are usually said to come from the dead. For instance, mediums would be considered to have clairaudience.

What is a bit confusing to people is that psychics can be clairvoyant, but not all clairvoyants are psychic. While they do have the ability to see into the past, present and future; they do not necessarily know things or pick up on things that psychics do. To find a psychic who is also clairvoyant is probably someone that you want to experience.

What is a Spiritualist?



Someone who has the ability to connect with those that have crossed over is called a spiritualist, or medium. Spiritualist psychics tend to work in various ways. Some feel that they only need to provide evidence that life goes on after death and offer comfort for the client. They work to contact loved ones and deliver messages to the client in ways that can be easily verified. This is important so that the client can be assured that it is their loved one that is speaking to them. Spiritualists might mention special objects or past events that the client may recognize. In these sessions, the messages can be many and detailed or simply long enough to verify that a connection was made.

Astrologers vs. Psychics

Astrologers are often lumped into the psychic group, but there is a vast difference between an astrologer and a psychic. While a psychic receives messages from rather other worldly or supernatural sources, an astrologer is someone who predicts future events for individuals through the positions of the planets as well as the Sun and the Moon. They create charts by using the birth date, time and location of someone. These charts can be used to predict what will happen in the lives of individuals, which will help them to prepare for the future.

Astrology is more of a science than a supernatural ability. It can be studied and learned to the point that the astrologer is an expert in it. On the other hand, a psychic’s ability comes from sources that must be trusted because they cannot always be verified. Another difference is that, while a psychic might be able to see a new love for a client by using his or her methods, an astrologer can predict more definitively when and where this new love may happen. This is just one example of how they differ.

Nearly everyone reads their daily astrology in the newspaper or online. These are more of a blanket message for each astrological sign and they may not always make a lot of sense to everyone of each sign. Having a personal astrological chart created, however, is much more in tune with the individual. This can lead you down the various correct paths that you should be traveling.

Dream Interpretation



Dreams are very important in the lives of each individual. They mean something whether the dreamer understands that meaning or not. Interpreters of nocturnal world activities can be of great help to someone who has a confusing, scary or repetitive dream. Many dreams can be prophetic in nature and can be used to avert tragedies, to offer understanding of something going on in waking hours, or simply offer healing to someone who really needs it.

Dream interpreters, like astrologers, are also able to learn how to perform this service, but it is helpful if the interpreter is also a bit psychic. You must open your mind when it comes to understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you. Rarely are they ever literal in nature. For instance, dreaming about sex hardly ever has anything to do with sex. It is something that is a metaphor for something else. However, you may not know this unless you consult a dream interpreter.

Are Psychic Readings Real?

The answer to the question of whether or not psychic readings are real depends on the psychic that you contact. Most psychics are genuine and will give you true readings based on their methods and your questions. There are many techniques that psychics can incorporate into their readings. These include astrology, psychometry, and telepathy in addition to the already mentioned Tarot and palmistry. Each one of these methods can produce a reading that will mean something to you on a personal level.

Are Psychics Accurate?

The question of whether or not psychics are accurate with the information that they impart during a reading is an age old one. There will always be a debate on this as long as there are believers and non-believers. The answer to the question may not be as difficult as some people make it. Accurate psychics can usually be recognized by their popularity and rave reviews of their clients.

How accurate are psychics?

How accurate are psychics?

There are some psychics that “test” their own accuracy by looking at past events they pick up from their clients before they ever begin the actual reading. If the past turns out to be accurate, then chances are much better that the rest of the reading will turn out to be correct. Something that clients should not do is “test” their psychics. These “tests” can be done by the client blatantly lying to the psychic performing the reading. They can fabricate a complete story or simply ask that something be confirmed for them.

If the psychic answers incorrectly, the client will be certain that they are in the presence of a “fake.” On the other hand, if the psychic gets the information that says the client is lying and says so, the client might then believe the psychic is real. The problem is that the psychic may no longer be interested in reading for said client. The trust is broken. Not to mention that a lot of time and energy has been wasted in looking at this made up problem.

Do Psychics Work?

Psychics consider what they do for a living as working the job that they are qualified to do. It is rather insulting when clients come to them expecting a free reading. Many of these clients feel that a psychic has a “gift” and that “gift” should be freely shared. They do not seem to realize or care that a lot energy is dispensed by the psychic during a reading. It can be a rather draining experience and, if the psychic continues to give away their readings for free; they will soon become too depleted to work at a second job where they will be paid.

Ask yourself if you were a painter, plumber, or electrician; would you expect to be paid for your services? Of course you would! Therefore, it is incomprehensible that some people would expect a psychic to not be compensated for the time and work that they have rendered to clients. Always understand that, while the gifts of psychics may have been bestowed upon them, they deserve to be able to make a living for themselves. There will be times when psychics will offer to do a reading session at no cost to the client. That should be their decision, though, and not a demand from the client.

Questions to Ask a Psychic



When it is time for you to personally seek the advice of a psychic, you may wonder what questions are best to ask a psychic. It depends on a couple of different factors. Love is what drives most people to visit a psychic. Emotions rule everyone and they all experience the joy and pain of loving someone. Finding true love is what nearly everyone on this earth wants. Therefore, questions of love top the list of what people want to know from a visit to a psychic.

Next in line is usually money and personal finances. With the world’s economy dipping lower every day, having the money to survive is vital. No one wants to be jobless and/or homeless due to lack of money. People worrying over this area of their lives will flock to psychics to learn of their financial future. If this is a concern of yours, a psychic may very well be someone to consult for guidance. There just may be the information you seek that will aid you in making things better financially.

Many people are curious about their health and visit a psychic in hopes of discovering the origin of an elusive ailment or cure. This is a rather murky area when it comes to psychics. Not all psychics agree that it is wise to offer health readings. Then, there are psychics that specialize in offering health advice to their clients. These psychics are often healers in their own right. If you choose to ask health questions, always temper the information offered in those readings with treatments from a licensed medical professional. Perhaps the two can work together positively.

Legal issues are something else that has people seeking out psychics. This is also a rather gray area because not all psychics will address questions of a legal nature. On the other hand, many psychics are happy to dispense answers to legal questions because they feel that it is a needed service.

Then, there are the many miscellaneous questions that are particular to each person. When it comes down to it, there really are not any questions that you cannot ask a psychic. Whether all of those questions can be answered by the psychic is where the differences come into play. It never hurts to ask, though, even if you are unsure of the psychic’s ability to answer.

Never Be Hesitant to Ask Questions

There will always be questions regarding psychics and their abilities. Never hesitate to ask because even the smallest question is important if it means something to you. The psychic world is here to help you and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are informed enough to obtain the help you need from this world.

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